The Effects Of Drinking Contaminated Water

If you continue to drink contaminated water for a long period of time, you may suffer from many health issues. All types of supplies can get contaminated, such as rivers, streams, lakes, and well water, just to name a few. In this article, we are going to discuss the effects of drinking infected or dirty water.

Are you worried about your home water? Is it safe to drink? First of all, you need to perform a test in order to find out about your quality of water.

Symptoms you may Experience if you Drink Contaminated Water

First of all, it’s important to note that the effects won’t appear right away. The appearance of symptoms depends upon a lot of factors like your age, physical condition, and overall health.

Given below are some common health issues that people from across the world experience from drinking contaminated water for a prolonged period. Aside from these, there can be many other health issues that occur because of dirty water.

Gastro problems
Stomach or intestinal cramps

Remember: even if you show no symptoms doesn’t mean you won’t have any side effects. For instance, if your drinking water has radon or radium gas, chances are that you may experience instant health effects. But if you keep drinking this for years, you may end up with heart disease or cancer. Given below are a few common contaminants found in drinking water:

• Arsenic

• Chemicals

• Coliform Bacteria

• E. coli Bacteria

• Fecal Matter

• Fluoride

• Herbicides

• Lead

• Microbial Pathogens

• Nitrates

• Parasites

• Pesticides

• Petrochemicals

• Pharmaceuticals

• Radium

• Radon

• Viruses

These contaminants enter different sources of water through different means. Our earth can absorb all types of contaminants. And these contaminants infect the sources of ground water and broken pipes.

Sometimes, it does taste bad. However, in most cases, the contaminants have almost no impact on the odor or taste.

Does Boiling Water Helps?

By boiling water, you can kill many types of viruses, bacteria and parasites. In addition, boiling can boost the concentration of contaminants as water evaporates.

How Can you test your Drinking Water Safe?

An easy way to find out if your tap water is free of contaminants is to run a water test. For instance, you can take a water sample to your nearby water purification service to have it tested.

Aside from this, you can run these tests on well and city water that is sent for residential and commercial buildings. The results of the tests will give you a pretty good idea of the quality of your drinking water. Then you can take the right steps to have the water disinfected.

There are also some water disinfectant machines out there. With these machines, you can easily disinfect your drinking water in a few minutes. Buying these machines is a piece of cake if you have the budget.

The Health Benefits of Using Neodymium Magnets for Magnetic Therapy

There is a therapy called magnetic therapy. As the name suggests, this therapy uses magnets, especially neodymium magnets to help reduce pain. Aside from this, this therapy is used in other fields, such as diagnosis and treatment. You may find it interesting that the same type of magnet is used in a lot of things, such as shoes, mattresses, and rings. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of these metals.

How Does the Therapy Work?

In short, the therapy works by stimulating your body to create magnetic fields and electrical impulses. According to many research studies, this therapy may help your body get more healthful. Let’s check out some of the benefits it may offer.

Wound healing

According to a research study, magnetic therapy helps reduce blood flow in tumors. On the other hand, the therapy boosts the platelet activity in tissues that had no tumor. The platelet activity may help boost wound healing.

As a matter of fact, another study revealed that it can offer better anastomosis and recuperation unlike sutures that is performed manually.

The Neural System

According to a study, magnetic fields support neural research and don’t cause damage to the human neural system or disrupt the study parameters. Aside from this, it is a great therapy to help reduce depression.

The Skeletal System

According to a study on rabbits, neodymium magnets help prevent movements in the epiphysis of your femoral bone, which helps boost the tissue regeneration.

The GIT System

These products are used in surgeries as well, especially endoscopic surgeries of your colon. Aside from this, it helps provide an easy access to the tumors. After the surgery, they help patients get better much faster.


Due to the strong attraction force, they are used for preventing orthodontic prosthetics from moving around.

Scientific Research

Primarily, magnetic therapy revolves around looking for an effective painkiller. In 1997, another research study found that it works like an effective painkiller. However, since the research was done on a small scale, it received a lot of criticism.

According to the reports from NCCIH, this therapy shows no evidence of reducing pain. However, many studies support the claim that the therapy can be a great choice for fibromyalgia and arthritis.

It’s important to keep in mind that the effect and use of this technique in other fields of medicine are positive. The reason is that there are a lot of studies that are in favor of these claims.

Aside from this, there are a lot of ongoing studies that give us a lot of hope for future. The fields they are used in include stem cells, close of aneurysms, stent-procedure and fertility treatments, just to name a few.


Long story short, neodymium magnets are quite powerful even if you use a small unit of them. Aside from this, this element is getting more and more popular in therapy and surgeries. Researchers are quite hopeful that it will offer a lot of benefits down the road.

Self-Monitoring Glucometers: Test Blood Sugar Levels at Home Easily

Health management is a big topic these days, as the medical costs are sky rocketing people are trying to keep in the best shape to avoid major medical expenses. However, after an age or due to certain issues, some things are unavoidable like high blood sugar levels. People with diabetes are quite common these days and they need to keep control of what they eat and how much glucose they are consuming. If the blood sugar level shoots up, it can cause severe problems like kidney failure, eye damage, nerve damage, stroke, etc. Therefore, it is important to make sure that blood sugar levels are always controlled and below a certain level. And this can be tracked regularly using a glucometer.

What is a glucometer?

Glucometers are small and handy devices that are used to detect the blood sugar levels in the blood. This is done by collecting some blood from the finger by pricking with a small pin availed. Then the blood is applied to the glucometer strip, which has a certain amount of chemicals in it. The chemicals then react with blood and send electrical signals through the sample to detect the sugar levels. Finally, the numerical data on blood sugar levels are shown on the LCD screen of the glucometer.

Features of glucometer

A good glucometer is simple to use and easy to understand. As most of the glucometers are for self-care purposes, the devices are designed with fewer features but effective ones. When it comes to digital glucometers there are simple ones that only combine LCD screen, power source like battery and internal memory. Also in advanced devices, one can find Bluetooth technology and connectivity to smartphone apps. Also in some of the advanced models, there is a voice technology that will tell the exact reading.

Other than all these features, the two most important components of a glucometer is the lancet and strips for testing the blood sugar. Needles are spring-loaded and have varied gauge size (smaller gauge size means larger size of the hole). And the next is the test strip which plays the most crucial role in giving the exact test results. These strips are imbibed with chemicals that help in sugar level detection. These are one-time use strips and you will have to buy them, keeping in mind the number of times the testing is required.

Importance of self-monitoring of glucose levels

Self-monitoring is one of the most important parts of controlling one’s diabetes. It helps not only in keeping a check on the blood sugar levels but also helps in tweaking one’s diabetic regime. This gives you time to take proper medications and treatments and also bring in more self-health awareness to avoid loss of treatment window.

Some of the advantages of using a self-monitoring glucometer are:

It gives an insight if the medicines are working or not.
You can learn about the food which is to be controlled and thus manage a good diet.
It helps in deciding your day and various tasks.
It makes a patient anxiety-free who keeps worrying about hypoglycemia.

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